Photographer is a broad word. I don’t believe I’m at a level in any area of photography to specialise in or define myself and my photography. I am excited and passionate about learning about the different areas of photography and trying to emulate what professionals in those areas do in my own style. I hope that this will improve my own skills and help define my own style of photography that can be recognised from one photo to the next.


I’m currently studying Media Arts at university in Adelaide, Australia. In my spare time there are many things that I like to do: ranging from photography to playing tennis, reading books or watching the NBA.


The website can be broken into 3 main areas. My portfolios, my daily photos and my blog. I aim to complete a new portfolio once a month either on a certain photographer or area in which I am interested, or even just images that I shoot with the same frame of mind. Daily photos will be any image that I feel like posting. It could be an image that didn’t make the cut in a portfolio or an image that I have sentimental value of even if it is not the greatest. Finally, my blog will be where I will share my thoughts on whatever I like and I am not limiting this to anything but there will be some photography articles in there for sure. The blog will be updated whenever I feel like it but I will aim to have a new post up at least once a week on a Sunday.


I hope that through this website/blog I can show my learning and impart knowledge that I’ve gained onto other people while also showing how much I enjoy doing what I do. I do all of this with the aim of improving my photography while documenting my journey.


I’m so glad you found my website and I hope you decide to stick around and take part in this long learning journey alongside me.


Michael out.


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