ISTJ personality type

ISTJ personality type

I undertook a free Myer-Briggs personality test in 2007 and repeated it today with the same result. ISTJ = Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.

According to this site, ISTJs value loyalty in themselves and others, and emphasise traditions. While they have a reputation for being blunt, they are also known for being nice, loyal, and responsible.

The ISTJ personality type is not rare. It is one of the most common, accounting for around 11 to 14% of the American population. It is more common among men, with 14 to 19% of men having this type compared with 7-10% of women.

Truity says ISTJs like to know what the rules of the game are, valuing predictability more than imagination. They rely on their past experience to guide them, and are most comfortable in familiar surroundings. ISTJs trust the proven method, and appreciate the value of dedicated practice to build confidence in their skills.

ISTJs are hard-working and persistent, logical and methodical. We may appear to others as serious and conservative.

“ISTJs are practical and no-nonsense, and rarely call attention to themselves. ISTJs typically speak in a straightforward manner and have a good head for details.”

ISTJs are very loyal, faithful, and dependable. They place great importance on honesty and integrity. They are “good citizens” who can be depended on to do the right thing for their families and communities.

While they generally take things very seriously, they also usually have an offbeat sense of humor (yep) and can be a lot of fun, especially at family or work-related gatherings.

I’m known to be a planmeister so this all rings true.

I wondered if people’s personalities might change over time, so it’s interesting that mine hadn’t in 16 years.

I sometimes feel that I may be less social and more introverted than I was then.

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