Black krim tomatoes

black krim tomatoes

We’ve started growing black krim tomatoes in our new garden which also has chili, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce and herbs.

We’re fortunate that everything grows year-round in the Bundaberg Region. So far this winter there hasn’t been a maximum temperature under 20 degrees and very few nights below 10.

Black krim tomatoes are fairly unusual in Australia. They originate from the Black Sea in Crimea. Their name refers to the color of the fruit, along with the region of origin (‘Krym’ means Crimea in Slavic languages). This also explains their other common name, Black Crimea.

They’re medium-size heirloom tomatoes which vary in colour from dark maroon to deep purple or almost black.

Black krim tomatoes
This is what black krim tomatoes look like.

We’re starting to see the first fruits emerging.

The zucchini produced much quicker and the lettuce has been productive too. We’ve also made pesto using our own basil and mint.

With hindsight, we would have planted the zucchini on their own. Mixed in with other plants, they tend to dominate and we’ve been pruning their massive leaves to let sunshine in.

The habanero chili has given us a few morsels and hopefully there’s a lot more to come. These babies deliver a big kick from a small amount.

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